Each and every one of us has a big role to play in bringing into being all the positive energy for changing our reality into a successful endeavor, process and outcome.

Success is characterized in various forms, and also has many meanings depending on what we are seeking in life, relationships and career. For example, to athletes, success can mean obtaining a gold medal; to parents’ success can mean raising children with good moral values; to doctors, success can mean saving a life; and to others, it may mean a job promotion or acquiring wealth. It actually depends on our perception of where we are now and what must we must be done in order to get where we want to be. So in essence, to achieve success, we must know what it is that we want to accomplish or achieve.

Every step you can think of to take toward success requires your imitate, active involvement and participation.

 For you to be successful, you must know yourself and build relationships. Purpose and passion are essential in any successful endeavour. It is very important to be able to recognize and sometimes choose the challenges that you need to overcome. Planning is remarkably important – you should be aware of where you are, constantly evaluate your progress and make the necessary changes as you go along.

Self-awareness is critical in personal development, as well as, enhancing your ability to engage in good relationships with others. It is very amazing how much we might lack knowledge about ourselves. Always be prepared to learn more and more and more and even more about yourself. This will enable you to know what you are about; your strengths, weaknesses, virtues, shortcomings and so on. Also, you will be better able to engage others in meaningful relationships as you can easily define yourself and role.

Have you ever been in a situation where you responded in a way that was so surprising to yourself; it shocked you beyond measure? I mean, “What was I thinking?” or “why did I say or do that?” Success requires a very good hold of self and therefore your ability to moderate your thoughts and actions in any endeavour is very critical. It is hard enough to have to figure out the many people we encounter, so try to figure yourself first, and then work on building relationships with others: family, friends, etc.

People are important in life, and success is almost impossible without the help of others. Always appreciate the role of others in your life, help those that you can and be as willing as possible to bless as you receive the blessing of others.

What is your purpose? What type of person do you want to be; what type of son or daughter or friend? What do YOU want to become? KNOW YOUR PURPOSE! If you have no purpose, then there is really nothing to achieve; no success to be had. It is critical to discover your purpose and establish it. Even more importantly, be passionate about it. Give it your best shot; invest your time and energy in it. And ultimately, you will enjoy the result. When you have identified your purpose, your challenge, or whatever you want to accomplish, set your goals and work toward it. 

Planning is key at this stage. Yes, planning is very important, as it allows you to set the goals and decide step by step how you will achieve them. 

What about failure, or disappointment? Well, this is my answer. Failure is never the final result unless you make it so.

Always get up and start again. Each time you fail, you have an increased opportunity at being more successful, as you know exactly what will work and what will not. Evaluate your plans as you go along. Appreciate your successes, and view your failures, when they do come as sources of new strength to do better next time.

Always monitor your progress in order to become aware of the necessary changes to be made in order to increase the chances of success. 

The positive inputs you contribute today will have such rippling positive effects on making your life better, making families better, as well as your communities and society as a whole. Remember, success can be had by anyone, but it requires much work and relentless determination.

Remember these keys to success:

Remember to put God in the centre of all you do and be thankful to God and all those who play a part in your life. 

Be strong! Be positive! Be energized!

Be encouraged!



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