Hello, I'm Mark-Odean

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer at Visio Group
a community of practice for work-life transformation in the Caribbean.

Leadership Educator & Social Entrepreneur
working to bring leadership development and transformation to one million people in the Caribbean by 2040.

Consultant, Facilitator and Coach
helping visionaries and their teams excel by learning leadership.

I started my career in healthcare finance, but I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship. In fact, my first business was started as a project for my Principles of Accounts class right in high school. Despite the challenges I faced, including three failed businesses and numerous setbacks, I never gave up on my dreams. 

After working in the public sector for over 15 years and gaining a wealth of experience in multiple industries, I decided to return to my entrepreneurial roots. I founded Visio Group International, where I serve as Chief Visionary Officer, helping individuals with ambitious goals and innovative ideas turn their dreams into reality. 

Throughout my journey, I have learned valuable lessons from my failures and used them to fuel my drive to succeed. I am helping leaders unleash human potential at work, enabling their people to do their best work, achieve success, and thrive. I share my experiences, insights, and leadership from a Caribbean perspective with others, inspiring them to impact the world positively. 


Somewhere in my genes are DNA markers ‘W’ for the workaholic and ‘e’ for entrepreneurship. I love fulfilling needs, solving problems and generally creating value for others. So, I’m figuring out how to optimize work-life for the future, maximizing impact without sacrificing well-being.  

I founded Visio HQ (Jamaica) and Visio Group International to multiply my capability and bring others along on the journey. Read more about my Founders Story and Visio’s work here. 

Coaching & Mentorship 

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up; I finally figured it out when I turned 30. For about five years, I did quite a bit of personal development work, which transformed my perspective on purpose, and how I could serve others and be a leader in the world as an entrepreneur. 

This life-changing experience inspired me to help others do the same, so I joined Pilea, an awesome coaching company for the startup community. 

In my practice, I help visionaries cultivate well-being to maximize their impact. 

Teaching & Research 

I am a doctoral scholar in transformational leadership at BGU and a lecturer of psychology and research at IUC. I study the psychology of working and its implications for thriving in the Caribbean and then use these insights to help transformational leaders increase their impact, enable organizational effectiveness, and achieve business agility. 

As a teacher, I aimed to facilitate discovery and shared learning with students, encouraging lessons beyond credits and credentials, expanding knowledge, building competencies, and advancing personal growth.

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