My work is a perfect combination of imperfections, purposeful practice and learning experiences. I am the proverbial “jack of all trades” but the master of transformation.

What I Do


Somewhere in my genes, there are DNA markers ‘W’ for the workaholic and ‘e’ for entrepreneurship. I love fulfilling needs, solving problems and generally creating value for others. 

So, I’m figuring out how to optimize work-life for the future, maximizing impact without sacrificing wellbeing. 

I founded Visio HQ (Jamaica) and Visio Group International to multiply my capability and bring others along the journey. Read more about my Founders Story and Visio’s work here.

Coaching & Mentorship

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up; well, I finally figured it out when I turned 30. For about five years, I had done quite a bit of personal development work, which transformed my perspective on purpose, how I could serve others and be a leader in the world as an entrepreneur.

This life-changing experience inspired me to help others do the same, so I joined Pilea, an awesome coaching company for the startup community.

In my practice, I help visionaries cultivate well-being to maximize their impact.

Teaching & Research

I am doctoral scholar in transformational leadership at BGU and lecturer of psychology and research at IUC. I study how the psychology of working and its implications for thriving in the Caribbean and then use these insights to help transformational leaders increase their impact, enable organizational effectiveness, and achieve business agility.

As a teacher, I aim to facilitate discovery and shared learning with students, encouraging lessons beyond credits and credentials and expanding knowledge, building competencies and advancing personal growth.


Current Projects

Caribbean Visionary Podcast

It is a platform for Caribbean creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders to share their unique perspectives, stories, trials, and triumphs to inspire the next generation to impact regional development positively.

My Big Plan personal workbook

My Big Plan Personal Workbook is a practical tool to organize your life from purpose to practice. It is designed to help you to simplify your goals and develop effective plans to achieve your desired results.

Workplaces in Postcolonial Places (WiPS)

WiPS is a research project aimed at examining the impact of the Caribbean History of slavery and the enduring influences of the plantation economy on leadership, management and production today. We use these insights to improve perspectives on work-life and the practice of leadership, organization and business.

Well-being Well Done

This project is an extension of my doctoral work, which focussed on the linking the personal development, empowerment and well-being of leaders to their performance and productivity.

Visio Methodology

Visio Methodology is an integrative approach to planning, performance and evaluation that prioritizes work-life optimization in leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Visio HQ: Work-Life
for the Future

Visio HQ is a total solutions provider for Caribbean Visionaries