Create a Life Plan You Can Stick To

Simplify. Execute. Achieve!

My Big Plan

My Big Plan Personal Workbook is a practical tool to organize your life from purpose to practice. It is designed to help you to simplify your goals and develop effective plans to achieve your desired results.

“It is difficult to make strategic decisions, keep track of your progress, and experience meaningful accomplishment without goals and a plan. I created My Big Plan  as a practical pencil and paper solution to help my clients envision the big picture of their lives and align the finer details from purpose to practice…” 

– Mark-Odean Grant, Founder – Visio Group International

Practical Personal Planning

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Plan A

Aritculate Your Purpose

Plan B

Breakdown Your Goals

Plan E

Execute Daily Tasts

Plan F

Fear Setting Execercise

Convenient Add-ons Included

Boost Your Productivity!

45-page Quarter
& 18-page Month Organizer

Includes with Quarter Goals, Monthly Objectives Charts, Weekly Action Plans and Daily Tasks Template

Transform Your Life!

60-page Personal Workbook 

Includes Personal Development Tools, Annual and Quarterly Goal Setting Templates, Monthly Objectives Charts, Weekly Action Plan and Daily Tasks Templates

Rev Up Your Execution!

15-page Week Organizer

Includes Action Plan and
Daily Tasks Template

Simplify. Execute. Achieve!

Manage your life on paper! Lay out all the cards on the table so that you can celebrate, improve and learn how to thrive.
Pencil in and do those things that contribute to the accomplishment of your goals.

Purpose Setting

Articulate your purpose and create a compelling vision for your life; projecting what your greatest legacy will be.

Goal Setting

Target the things that really matter to you by setting meaningful goals that help you to achieve and thrive.


Learn how to examine your capabilities, opportunities and the challenges in achieving your goals.

Fear Setting

Identify, confront and overcome the self-limiting fears of taking action to accomplish your goals.

Strategy Tools

Create a comprehensive game-plan for your empowerment, development and transformation.


Track your progress so that you can stay focussed on what’s most important to your vision and goals.