Many startups are very focused on creating the best organisation to achieve their vision and strategic goals. In the process of contemplating the introduction, role and practice of a Human Resources Professional to organisations, be wary of falling into the trap of having a traditional HR Department that is more focused on personnel administration, rather than leveraging people as the fundamental contributors and features of your company’s success. It is critical to divert from the route of traditional Human Resource Management. Companies must increasingly sharpen their strategic focus, which platforms an understanding and appreciation of the idiosyncrasies that are inherent the concept of “people”. People should not be managed, they must be led. It is people’s talents that should be managed, as well as, their performance and the related contributions to building the organisation and its culture, driving productivity and achieving the bottom line.

Many organisations today are full of management capacity but lack effective leadership and growth. As a result, companies lose their competitive edge and even fail, due to poor learning systems, and a chronic failure to learn in general. Companies should strive to be configured as a people focused, learning organisation. Only this way will they be able to grow, compete and survive in the dynamic and globalized marketplace of the 21st century.

People lead and participate in teams, which build up organisations. Talents gear performance and drive the achievement of organisational goals. Learning gives organisations competitive advantage in the industrial environment. The future of HR is much more than a vision of administrating personnel only. Alas, there is a better way. Indeed, the future – and of not an ordinary HR practice, is one that understands the importance of leadership and leverages the fundamental power of people as invaluable investors and strategic assets in our organisations. Yes, a strategic HR practice does not just push paper but drives influence and action as an indispensable business partner.

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