I have arrived at a conclusion and accepted my purpose as that of helping others. I have a passion for helping others. In essence, I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that I have assisted another person to become greater through the realization and achievement of their potential. The fact is that somebody helped me at some point or another.

In helping others we become better ourselves, as we learn more, and put in direct action our unique talents, gifts and abilities that often lay dormant. Also, in helping, we activate these same tools in others. The helping process is a well-needed utility in Jamaica as mental disorders are on the rise, social problems need assistance, and people generally need a guide to develop underused abilities, and opportunities and find purpose.

Pro-social behavior, whether professional or otherwise is a basic element of human social development.

 Unfortunately, altruism and even empathy in professional settings are often passed up for more selfish gains, especially in Western societies today. However, we should make it our goal,  professionally and otherwise to help others through the positive and effective utilization of our knowledge and experiences, as well as, talents, gifts and abilities. We must aspire to instigate a lasting positive and multilevel impact in the lives of those we interact with by simply offering a well-needed helping hand, not only, professionally, but also habitually. We must make a difference!

 Positive role models are often in high demand, especially within the Jamaican setting. I think, however, that it is not the significant lack of positive role models that are the problem. Rather, it is hesitation to these individuals, as well as, the numerous obstacles in the active playing of positive roles. As a result, our youth to a large degree are left to decide for themselves what is right and wrong and what is acceptable. We are reaping the results of gradual negligence; many of us have failed to play our role, and not just pose.

Research richly supports the efficacy of social learning and modelling, especially in children. It is our responsibility as adults to actively play a positive role in our society, modelling the right and demonstrating the examples of what is expected.

We must play a greater role, because the negative influences are not casual and petite, but pervasive and overwhelming. 

 Who will be a positive role model for our youths today; demonstrating to others that good can be done? The negatives are yet persistent, but positive sparks make a much greater difference. The negatives seem to far supersede the positive efforts and gains. As a result, numerous social programmes are being formulated and implemented to ‘reverse the curse’. Crime is on the rise, many children are becoming uncontrollable; parents too are going over the edge. Everyone is searching for the positives – we all need the positives. It is our, world, our country and our society. We all have a role to play. Let’s do our part and help in the processes of positive social change.

 Let us make a difference wherever we are …

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