If someone told me a few months ago that I would be taking lunch breaks under the mango tree in my backyard, I’d probably think they were crazy. But alas, here I am; under the mango tree and it’s amazing.

We’re all experiencing so many #changes; staying home, learning and working online, and coming to terms with the impact of #distance in our physical and #digital spaces.

Perfection is not flawless, it is balance.

We may be tempted to strive for perfection in our response. For there is so much at stake in our lives and livelihood. Take a moment and catch yourself. Nature has a way of balancing things out. We may not always get it right but let’s try to create as much balance as we can. To me, that’s perfect; minimizing our focus on things that really matter.

Here are three things you can do tackle as you navigate this new reality and regain some balance:

Champion Your #PersonalDevelopment

Traditionally, we do a lot of work and school. But how much time have you really invested in casting a personal #vision and charting a path to create your desired #future? Take some time to discover yourself again. Set some #goals and make an actionable #plan and #execute what you can right now. Seek guidance and assistance from persons who have achieved results that you can emulate.

Build #Relationships 

Physical contact has been disrupted but there’s a great #opportunity to cultivate meaningful #social bonds with family, friends and colleagues. Find a #mentor, or mentor that person who could benefit from your #experience. Share a word of #encouragement and embrace the reality that we’re all in this together. Avoid isolation and instead, make #connections with people who share your interests and can foster mutually beneficial interactions.

 Be #WorkReady 

There’s a saying, ‘never let a crisis go to waste. God knows many of us needed some time to catch up on “stuff”. Use this #season to become work-ready. Take an #onlinecourse, brush up that #resume, create that plan and start that #business. Leverage your #socialnetworks to create opportunities. In the midst of all that’s happening; life continues. Don’t just go with the flow; grow, grow, grow. Prepare yourself to be better than you ever were.

I hope this message inspires you.

And remember, you can’t control all the negative realities of what’s happening right now. But you can take action to create positive ##results on the other side of #change.

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