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Research Agenda

My research examines how personality, developmental experiences and cultural factors drive thriving strategies and outcomes in Caribbean Populations.

My goal is to articulate the lived experience of Caribbean People and further inform evidence-based interventions for multi-level applications from person to policy. I tend to focus my studies on the areas of entrepreneurship, education, healthcare and public sector management.

If you are interested in learning more about my research and work connect with me at [email protected].


I take a multimethod approach, which typically employs case studies, structured interviews, focus groups, surveys, quasi and field experiments. In application and program interventions, I use participatory action research and process consultation.

Description of Study

My research has three dimensions, which allows for a systematic approach to learning and application: A. Understanding the Implications of Personality, Wellbeing and Organizational Behaviour for Thriving in the Caribbean The primary dimension of enquiry explores how personality shapes individual experience, wellbeing and organizational behaviour. I investigate the role of personality types, traits and aspects, behavioural styles, values and attitudes in fostering character strengths, resilience and wellbeing, with a view to examine the implications for personal development, organizational behaviour and development. I am further interested in the assessment of engagement, work-related quality of life and healthy organizational cultures; particularly within the context of Caribbean History and plantation society (Beckford, 1976). Further studies of interest and interest include The Psycho-Socio-Cultural in the Caribbean (Branch, Morgan & Ramikissoon, 2007) and Social Affirmation in the Caribbean (Branch & Morgan, 2008). B. The Role of Leadership Emergence and Development in Cultural Transformation The secondary dimension of enquiry evaluates the effectiveness of leaders as agents of transformation within the context of their own personal development and transformation. I investigate the lived experience of leaders with a view to articulate the role of individual giftedness (Hendricks, 2001), work ethic, resilience and wellbeing in leadership effectiveness. Leadership Emergence (Clinton, 1988) is used as a frame of analysis to investigate the developmental process and experiences of leaders. C. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Consulting Psychology Interventions in Catalysing Empowerment, Transformation and Serving The final dimension of my research capitalizes on the insights gleaned to inform and develop evidence-based interventions for Consulting Psychology Practice in the Caribbean. Policy implications are also examined. I articulate three broad thriving strategies of interest, which are applicable to the individual, group and organizational levels:
  1. Empowerment: equipping people with the mindset, attitudes and skills to take charge of their lives and work.
  2. Transformation: promoting learning as an enabler of personal, professional and organizational growth and development.
  3. Service: fostering meaning by cultivating and reinforcing work ethic, cultures of service and opportunities to serve in communities, teams and organizations.

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