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I am currently a Lecturer of Psychology at the International University of the Caribbean, where I supervise undergraduate research studies and teach courses in Caribbean Psychology and Research Methods.

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Contact Information
✉ [email protected] | ✆ +1 (876) 863-3512


My Research Agenda

Research Interests: organizational development, transformational leadership, psychometrics, thriving and Consulting Psychology

My research examines how personality factors, developmental experiences and cultural norms drive thriving in the Caribbean . My goal is to articulate the lived experience of Caribbean People and further inform evidence-based interventions for multi-level applications from person to policy. I tend to focus my studies on the areas of entrepreneurship, education, healthcare and public sector management.

If would like to learn more about my Research Agenda or work me, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected].


My Teaching Philosophy

We are all but partners in learning.

My objective as a teacher is to facilitate discovery and shared learning with my students; emphasizing the importance of lessons; not merely for credits and credentials, but for expanding knowledge, building competences and advancing personal development and growth.

Behavioural Science provides an opportunity for reflexive learning; as the content is directly catered to the human condition. I encourage students to treat coursework as a developmental exercise; not a chore. Mastery of the principles and methods of our discipline does not only make for better professionals but better people also.

Past Courses

  • MBA 601: Business Research: Facilitation for the formulation and development of research projects in business and management.
  • PSY 435: Psychometrics: Introduction to psychological testing, assessments and applications across various contexts.
  • PSY 327: Experimental Psychology: Exploring the history and development of research in psychology with a focus on experimentation and proposal writing.
  • PSY323: Physiological Psychology: Introduction to the biological bases of bases of behaviour; surveying developments in biopsychology and neuroscience.

Classes & Tutorials

Current Classes

Semester 2 (Spring 2019 ) – IUC, Kingston Campus

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  • PSY 327 Experimental Psychology
  • PSY 429 Caribbean Psychology
  • PSY 432 Psychology Research Paper
  • PSY 435 Introduction to Psychometrics

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I offer academic advising to students who need assistance with research projects. Service include but are not limited to:

  • Research Consultation & Supervision
  • Thesis & Dissertation Management
  • Data Analysis & Reporting

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Note. Services attract a fee for external students.

Events & Activities

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