Have you ever had a burning desire to achieve something big, something that requires a lot of effort and dedication? As an assistant, I have the privilege of working with people who are true visionaries, pioneers, and innovators. They have a clear picture of what they want to achieve and the drive to make it happen. However, building a vision from scratch can be a daunting task that involves more than just setting goals or making to-do lists. Through my experience, I have come to understand that a successful vision requires a solid foundation, a wide reach, and long-term sustainability built in.

A vision forms the compass for your journey to success. It provides a roadmap, giving you direction when the path seems unclear and motivating you to move ahead despite obstacles. We can create a powerful vision that drives you and your organisation towards the desired future. But how do you take it from concept to concrete; build it in real life?

I have been collaborating with my clients to develop a framework for vision-building. Together, we have identified seven essential steps to guide the process. Would you like to explore them with me?

  1. Aim Higher: The first step is to aim higher and stretch your imagination beyond the normal boundaries. Often, we limit our dreams because they seem unachievable, but true visionaries defy the odds and break barriers. Remember that it’s not just about hitting a set goal but about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Dream bigger than you believe is attainable, and set your sights on the stars; you’ll land amongst the clouds even if you don’t reach them.
  2. Build a Business, Not Just a Brand: A brand is a powerful tool, but without a strong business foundation, it’s akin to having a beautifully painted house crumbling inside. So, while you focus on building your brand, create a sustainable business model. Understand your unique value proposition and competitive edge and ensure solid financial plans. The goal is to create a thriving business that makes an impact, not just a brand that makes noise.
  3. Cultivate Capabilities: Your vision requires capacity, skills and abilities to bring to life. Identifying these skills and cultivating them is crucial. This could mean investing in training, coaching, or mentoring for you and your team. It could also involve developing emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and influencing and inspiring others. Capabilities aren’t just about what you can do but about what you can inspire others to do.
  4. Digitalize Routines: The digital world offers endless possibilities for streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and engaging with audiences in previously unimaginable ways. Embrace technology, digitalise your routines and leverage digital tools to advance your vision. This could mean automating certain processes, using social media for marketing and engagement, or employing data analytics for decision-making.
  5. Evaluate Everything: Regular evaluation is crucial for staying on course. This involves assessing your progress towards your vision, determining what’s working, and adjusting your strategies. It’s about understanding that your path to success may not be a straight line but a winding road full of learning opportunities. Be open to feedback, learn from your experiences, and don’t hesitate to make necessary changes.
  6. Fail, Plus!: The term ‘fail, plus’ encapsulates the notion of failing forward. It means understanding that failure is not a setback but a steppingstone towards success. Every failure is a learning opportunity to improve and refine your vision. Don’t let fear of failure prevent you from pursuing your vision. Embrace it, learn from it, and use it as a catalyst for growth.
  7. Get Expert Help to Do More: Finally, recognise that you don’t have to do everything alone. Contact experts in areas where you need more expertise or guidance. This could mean hiring a consultant, collaborating with partners, or seeking advice from mentors. Drawing on the skills and experiences of others not only enriches your vision but can accelerate your journey towards achieving it.

Remember, building a vision is not a one-off event but a continuous process that requires effort, dedication, and resilience. As a visionary, your role is to see the future and inspire others to join you in building it. With these seven steps, you can create a robust vision that drives you towards your goals and transforms your dreams into reality.

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